There's no better feeling than when your past-time hobby gets recognized by the people you idolize.

Credit - Kevin Skinner
Credit - Kevin Skinner

Kevin Skinner is hard worker, father of three, and a HUGE fan of Caterpillar. But unlike most people, he takes his passion to another level with his elaborate diorama construction displays.

What started off as a hobby with his father growing up, has now turned into a detailed display of art. All of which he does from the upstairs of his home in Canastota.

As a past operator of CAT equipment, he says he just loves everything about the company. From top to bottom, he thinks Caterpillar is a company that stands out from the rest. That passion inspires him to come up with these insane dioramas, and even pick up the attention of the company itself.

Skinner's Interview with CAT

The story in itself is funny because it shows his passion first-hand. Kevin says went to a CAT dealership in Syracuse to look at equipment as an avid fan. When he saw a cool CAT poster up on the wall that he liked, he asked how much it would be to take it home.

Not knowing anything about Kevin, the dealership said he couldn't buy it. They told him it's for "marketing purposes only", which made him want the poster even more.

Kevin took to Facebook and messaged the company directly. He sent them a video of his room upstairs and said he'd do whatever it takes to get that poster in his house. To his surprise, they sent back a lot more than just the poster.

Someone from Caterpillar's corporate office in Illinois sent Kevin a message saying they'd love to do a feature on him and his work. Before he knew it, two freelance videographers were in his house with a camera ready to interview.

The video has caught national attention and continues to rack up more views every single day. He hopes this can help promote his side business and Facebook page as well.

How He Builds Them

When it comes to putting everything together, it's no quick task. Kevin follows the same process he started with his dad for years.

Nowadays, he adds in even more detail than before. Kevin will take each piece of equipment and paint every one on the display. He tries to make each one look more weathered, that way the display becomes even more realistic.

The End Goal

When getting interviewed, he was asked if he has any big goals for himself and the work he created. Without a beat, Kevin said the answer was simple...

I would just love to build dioramas for CAT, so when you walk in the door to buy anything, you could see one of my dioramas of their equipment on display.

And with what he has shown so far, it would be hard to not see him getting another big call from Caterpillar anytime soon. What started as a passion project with his father, could potentially support his family full time.

Credit - Kevin Skinner
Credit - Kevin Skinner

If that isn't the American dream right there, then I don't know what is. Take a look at some of Kevin's projects for yourself.

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