Kelsea Ballerini took a Detroit stage on Thursday (Sept. 15) as part of the Rascal Flatts tour. When she performed her newest No. 1 single, "Peter Pan," she couldn't contain her emotions.

Earlier this week, Ballerini made country music history with "Peter Pan." That was her third No. 1 single, which made her the first female country act to hit No. 1 with her first three consecutive singles from a debut album. She reached the top spot on her birthday and tweeted that she was "emotional."

The emotions didn't stop after the celebrations, though. She took the stage in Detroit wearing black leather shorts and lace-up booties, ready to serenade the crowd. When the music for "Peter Pan" began, she couldn't hold it together. At one point, Ballerini sat down on the stage with her microphone near her face and just cried. The crowd kept the song going by singing the words back to her, which made her cry even more.

Wiping her tears away, Ballerini stood back up on the stage but was still unable to sing. Fans kept screaming for her, louder and louder, until she attempted to finish the No. 1 song herself. It was a truly beautiful moment.

After the performance, the blonde beauty tweeted, "Bawled my way through Peter Pan tonight onstage. Wish I could go back & tell my 12 year old self this would be my life. Grateful and humbled."

Ballerini's using her experience from this Flatts tour to take on the road for her headlining tour, which begins in November. The First Time Tour is slated to run through Dec. 14, and some of the dates have already sold out.

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