Sometimes, no matter how festive we feel in our holly jolly hearts, logistics don't conspire to make the perfect Christmas celebration. That's when it helps to have a little extra boost of holiday magic from a loved one.

Keith Urban's new holiday song is all about making the season perfect, regardless of uncooperative circumstances. In "I'll Be Your Santa," Urban sings over a jazzy, mid-tempo guitar line, telling a story of a decidedly un-festive holiday. "The weatherman says it ain't gonna snow this year / And the fog is too heavy to cut a path for the reindeer," he sings in the first verse. "Your sister's stuck in Denver and your mama can't come / But you don't have to be alone ..."

Launching into the chorus, Urban goes on to say that, together, he and his love interest have everything they need to make the holiday season festive. "Don't worry baby, I'll be your Santa tonight," he continues. After all, he points out in the song, Christmas isn't ultimately about presents and snow -- it's about spending time with the ones you love.

Urban's cozy holiday release follows his recent single, "We Were," a nostalgic tune full of bittersweet memories. "We Were" was co-written by Eric Church (alongside Ryan Tyndell and Jeff Hyde), and Church also joined Urban for a re-imagined duet version of the tune in October.

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