Justin Moore hails from the great town of Poyen, Ark., and the acclaimed country singer couldn't be more proud of that fact. He and his wife, Kate, welcomed their third daughter last summer, and they are planning to build a new house on his family's land to accommodate their growing brood.

“We live in, like, a 2500 square-foot house," Moore tells ABC News Radio. "So, we’re busting out at the seams for lack of a better way of explaining it. I tell you what, it’s crazy when you’ve got five of us in that tiny a space.”

Moore plans to build the new house on land he recently bought from his grandfather. That lot has a special place in Moore's heart, as it was passed down from his great-great-grandfather.

“It’s been in our family since the late 1800s, so it ain’t no sellin’ it," he insists. "You don’t go build a nice house in a town of 300 people and expect to be able to get a return on your investment. That ain’t gonna happen. So, we’re gonna be there forever."

Moore is looking forward to raising his family in the new house, but he's leaving the interior design plans to his talented wife. The singer shares that Kate will make all of the major decorating decisions for the main house, but he gets to help design the new pool house.

And the star has at least one idea in mind for what he wants the new space to be like. “We’re gonna do a bar in it. Like, a real bar that’ll have eight or 10 stools and taps and big screens all over the place," he says. "Like, a sports bar kinda thing."

We just hope to get an invite once the 'bar' opens.

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