Surely by now you've heard the term 'crazy cat lady.' While I may not have any cats to help fit that description, I'm definitely a little kooky and I love plants.

If I could fill a room with some cute decor and, like, 50 plants, I'd be quite the happy camper. Unfortunately, a large family of house plants can get expensive, so I'm only starting to build up my collection of greenery and trying to sustain as few casualties as I can.

So keep on scrolling and meet my green gang!

*A disclaimer: I always forget to keep the tags that tell you which plant you have, so I honestly have no idea what species any of these guys and gals are. If you happen to know, though, please feel free to leave a comment and fill me in!

Meet My Plant Babies!

Now you've met my plants! My collection is still small, but it's growing one by one and I'm trying to learn more about different species of house plants as I go. If you have any tips on caring for these guys or know of any species I should look into, let me know!

And if you're looking for some plant inspiration, I'll share my own with you. A woman named KC Cibran started an Instagram account called @thecasaverde after she transformed her 280 square foot apartment in New York City into any plant-lover's paradise.

Cibran has even documented her adorable apartment in videos that, for good reason, went viral on TikTok.

#HomeInspo, right?! You can check out more photos from Cibran's casa on her Instagram.

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