The viral "Trash Tag Challenge" is a challenge you'll actually want to take part in. The viral trend encourages people to take a photo of an area that needs cleaning, then another photo after you've done something about it. Then post it on social media using #trashtagchallenge.

The Trash Tag project actually started in October 2015 to help keep the planet clean. It went viral recently, going from a project to a challenge.

The challenge has hit Buffalo where one couple has been cleaning up Lake Erie for several years.

A Reddit user posted a photo of cleaning up Jamaica Bay in New York.

The New York State Office for the Aging is also encouraging people to "show your love for New York by keeping it clean, and picking up any trash that someone else (probably an out-of-stater!) left behind."

The challenge is growing around the world. 15,000 pounds of trash was collected from the Mississippi River.

Hundreds helped pick up nearly 12,000 pounds of garbage in Arizona and it only took a few hours.

Now THIS is a challenge worth joining. Let's get cleaning in central New York! You might even clean up some of those Tide Pods that were used in that stupid challenge awhile ago.

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