There will be plenty of choices for movie goers this weekend as 4 new movies hit local screens. The two most highly anticipated are "Lee Daniels' The Butler", the true story of White House butler Eugene Allen, played by Forrest Whittaker with a star-studded supporting cast, and "Jobs" a cinematic biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, played by Ashton Kutcher. Also debuting are "Kick Ass-2" and "Paranoia". Check out thetrailers and local show times.

Here are the show times at the Marquee in New Hartford, the Rome Cinemas and the Glenwood MoviePlex in Oneida.



Things That Have Disappeared From Movie Theaters

When you go to the movies in 2013 you can expect to sit through a lot of commercials followed by 8-10 previews before the feature presentation begins. When I was a kid (yes, they did have movies) the movie theater experience was a whole lot different . Here are a few examples.