The Hudson Valley got a nice shout out on the at-home version of The Tonight Show.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Jimmy Fallon and his staff haven't been able to get to their studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. But that hasn't stopped the late-night host from putting on a show.

Fallon has been doing nightly shows on YouTube from his home. With the assistance of his children, he's repurposed a lemonade stand as his desk and turned his living room into a makeshift studio.

Of course, everyone knows that Fallon was raised right here in the Hudson Valley. In fact, his parents still live in Saugerties, where the comedian went to school and got his first taste of standup comedy.

In the past, Fallon has made many references to the Hudson Valley including his time at Bananas Comedy Club and years attending Saugerties High School. He even invited a local pee-wee football team on the show.

On Monday night's show, Fallon welcomed his special guest, Weird Al Yankovic, who was also safely at his home studio. The parody singer was invited on the show by Fallon to sing a song from his "Dare to Be Stupid" album, that the Tonight Show host was a huge fan of as a child.

During Yankovic's introduction, Fallon even gave a shout out to a local venue where he saw Weird Al for the first time with his parents.

The concert that Fallon says he attended with his parents was on September 27, 1985, just a few days after Fallon's 11th birthday.

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