Even though Jimmie Allen and his fiancee, Alexis Gale, are one month out from their wedding day, Gale made a major request that he couldn't say no to.

In an interview with Taste of Country Nights, Allen reveals that all the details are finalized for their May 2021 wedding — except for his suit. Allen, who designs all of his own awards show outfits, was ahead of the curve and had his wedding suit designed a year in advance. However, his soon-to-be-wife requested that he redesign it a month before the wedding.

"I designed a suit for the wedding and I had it last year and she told me a couple days ago, 'We still realize you need to get another suit,'" Allen explains. "I said, 'Did I pick your dress out? What if you show up in some funky dress and I don't like the dress you wear?'"

Allen ultimately gave in to her wishes, calling his best friend who is a stylist and sketching out a new suit design that he will walk down the aisle in. He's also making a matching suit for his 6-year-old son Aadyn, who will serve as the most adorable surrogate best man alongside Allen's best friend from college, Jermaine, who will be the official best man.

Allen and Gale got engaged during a trip to Disney World in 2019. The couple welcomed their daughter Naomi in March of 2020, just as his single "Make Me Want To" topped the charts and became his second consecutive No. 1 hit following "Best Shot."

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