Jim Gaffigan's slight obsession with Rochester's signature garbage plates began in January. He tried one when he was in town for a show, and went on to rave about it during his Rochester show and on Conan.

"Rochester, Minnesota, they're known for the Mayo Clinic, and Rochester, New York is like, 'We're gonna develop a plate that causes cancer. That's gonna be our thing. We're gonna keep Rochester, Minnesota in business. We're all about creating jobs,'" Gaffigan said.


All jokes aside, he thought the Rochester staple was delicious, so much so that he and his family made garbage plates for their quarantined Easter weekend. Gaffigan went live on Youtube for the meal, starting with a cringeworthy "Dinner with the Gaffigans" song.

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Zweigle's in Rochester sent the Gaffigans ingredients, recipes, and a bunch of fun items, including Zweigle's paper hats, and they sat around the table to chat and eat. They also collected donations during the livestream for The Imagine Society, where all donations until April 20 will go toward the COVID-19 emergency.

You can relive the Gaffigans' garbage plate meal here.

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