JIM CARREY released a pro-gun control song on iTunes and Funny or Die. It's a parody country song called 'Cold Dead Hand.' He said he would on Twitter 'Some people hate when I talk about guns, so I decided to sing about it!'  But it's causing a lot of controversy.


The song itself isn't going to convince anyone on the other side of the debate to see things his way but here are some of the lyrics . . .

'It takes a cold dead hand to decide to pull the trigger. It takes a cold dead heart, and as near as I can figure, with your cold dead aim, you're trying to prove your [blank] is bigger. But we know: Your chariot may not be swingin' low.'

The video went up on Funny or Die late last night. Carrey plays Lonesome Earl, a 'Hee Haw' singer with a band that includes Lincoln, Gandhi, and John Lennon. He also plays CHARLTON HESTON  who reacts violently to being mocked in the song.

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