Utica was recently in the spotlight after the Red Panda Exhibit was mentioned on Jeopardy. But just days before that, another New York favorite was mentioned on the game show.

That's right - All eyes are on Central New York... And the rest of New York, for that matter. A few days before the Red Panda Exhibit at the Utica Zoo was mentioned on Jeopardy, another contestant named an amazing competition he was a part of. The man was talking about the World Championship of KanJam.

As you probably already know, KanJam was invented in New York, and is starting to become a very popular game all over the country. Even though its popularity is growing, there are still quite a few people who don't know what it is - Including Alex Trebek.

The video (at the top of this page) shows contestant "Joe" trying to explain to Alex what the World Championship of KanJam is. He does a good job explaining the 'perks' of playing the game.

The World Championship of KanJam is held in North Tonawanda (north of Buffalo), every year. You can always keep updated with everything that's going on with KanJam on their website here.



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