My God in Heaven, it's Jeff Goldblum in Utica. The Hollywood star has been in the area filming his independent movie 'The Mountain' and enjoying the local cuisine at Raspberries Cafe.

Goldblum must like the food. He's been at Raspberries 4 days in a row. Although he ate healthy most days, Raspberries owner Jeff Lamandia says he tried the Voyager, which is described as 'Jeff's favorite on the menu.' It's one of the most popular items at Rasberries consisting of fried eggs, tomatoes, cheese and sausage on a toasted ciabatta roll.

In between bites of food Goldlbum was nice enough to take photos with fans. "He was constantly being interrupted during his meals," says Lamandia. "But he never got upset and took pictures with anyone who asked. He was very friendly."

Raspberries wasn't the only local restaurant Goldblum was spotted at. He enjoyed meals at Symeon's, The Grapevine and Bella Cucina where he took a photo with Chirssy Kull.

Chrissy Jullmann
Chrissy Jullmann

When not enjoying the local fare, Goldblum spent time at the Clinton Arena for filming where all the benches in the lobby were removed to make room for lockers. Goldblum took time for pictures at the arena too.

The majority of the filming took place at the Clinton Arena but Hale Transportation turned their wash bay in Clinton into a temporary movie set for a few scenes too.

Goldblum heads down the Thruway today as filming starts in Albany.

The Mountain is a film set in the 1950s about a famous neurologist, played by Jeff Goldblum, in the decline of his career, who takes a shy young man (Tye Sheridan) on a tour of rural mid-century mental hospitals, trying to reclaim his former glory.
“It reminds me in tone of P.T. Anderson’s There Will Be Blood or The Master, metaphorical critiques of the American psyche, in the vein of Death of a Salesman," Goldblum tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It’s not for everybody, but I really like it."

No release date for the indie film has been released but I'm sure a number of people in Central New York will watch to see if they can identify local landmarks.


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