Jason Michael Carroll is certain there is a reason for everything. The singer had an eventful week, he tells fans. On Monday (May 23), Carroll was headed to the locker room before his hockey game when he heard a woman screaming "help me!"

He recalls the frightful event in its entirety on his Facebook page Facebook:

"No one moved at first, then she yelled it again! "HELP ME! He's choking!!!"! She had a child about 3 or 4 in her arms, turning blue. I ran over and as I was about to grab the child a woman in a blue coat grabbed the child instead. Once she had the motionless child in her arms she froze. I yelled, "do you know what to do!?"! She said "I thought I did!". I pulled the child from her arms and started the Heimlich maneuver, as Wendy helped by slapping him between his shoulder blades and finally the child started drooling and spitting up. My nerves are still tore up but it definitely helped put more of my life in perspective. There is a reason and a purpose to everything. Mine, last night, was to be there in that lobby."

An alarming experience, Carroll walked away from the situation with a heightened sense of purpose. He hashtagged his post with six insights: #ThinkAboutIt #StayFocused #ThereIsAReason #YouMayNotSeeIt #WaitForTheSign #Trust

Carroll released his latest album What Color Is Your Sky in 2015 with the help of Kickstarter, a funding platform that allows people like musicians to raise money to cover an album's production costs.

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