Jason Aldean turned to social media on Saturday (May 25) to give fans an update on his baby girl, Navy, after she was rushed to the emergency room on Monday (May 20).

"Just a little update for everybody! Navy has been home from the hospital for a few days now and doing great," Aldean posts to Instagram to accompany an adorable picture of his three-month-old daughter. "Thanks to all the doctors and nurses who helped get her better. She is a healthy and happy baby now," he adds, including the hashtag #stomachbug.

During a party in Nashville on Wednesday (May 22) celebrating Aldean's most recent No. 1 hit, "Girl Like You," Aldean revealed that his family had just returned home from a weekend of touring when Navy got sick overnight. Aldean and his wife, Brittany, took her to the emergency room at 4:30AM. Doctors decided to send her home later that day, but she returned on Tuesday (May 21) when it appeared she hadn't gotten better. At its worst, her fever reached 104 degrees.

"Basically she had like a stomach bug that caused a lot of vomiting and other stuff and turned into like a UTI (urinary tract infection) that got infected, making her have a fever and all that kind of stuff," Aldean shared. "So it's kinda been a crazy, rough week for her, but we finally got her with some antibiotics through an IV — like really strong stuff — so she turned a corner."

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Brittany also recently shared via Instagram that Navy has had other complications. She got RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) at eight weeks old, but has since recovered.

"It was NO JOKE,” Brittany wrote in response to a fan's question about how their daughter was doing. "But she is strong and happy and everything we could’ve hoped for."

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