New month, new year, and Happy 2014 from all of us at Big Frog 104! So what kind of month will January be, weather-wise? Let's take a look at the long-range weather predictions from my "old reliable" source.

child on sled in winter
Scott Heavey, Getty Images News

Here's what "The Old Farmer's Almanac 2014" says about January, 2014 weather for our central New York region:

"Average temperature: 30.5 degrees (3.5 degrees above average)

Precipitation: 3 inches (0.5" above average)

Jan. 1 - 5: Snow showers, cold

Jan 6 - 11: Flurries, then rain and wet snow, mild

Jan. 12 - 16: Showers, mild

Jan. 17 - 20: Snow showers, cold

Jan. 21 - 24: Rainy, mild

Jan. 25 - 31: Snowy periods, cold"

So, according to this, it looks like it will be warmer and milder this month. But, I think that 3 inches of precipitation sounds a bit low.


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