A Long Island bakery is in hot oil after being accused of passing off Dunkin' donuts as being homemade and gluten-free.

Cindysnacks, a vegan market, took to Instagram to share their story about a recent transaction with a Long Island bakery called Savory Fig:

On February 23rd the owner of Savory Fig dropped off the baked goods we ordered from her, including her donuts. In the middle of the boxes was the donut pictured in the first slide. I (John) immediately became concerned as to why this one donut was decorated differently than all the others and in such a strikingly similar way to a recognizable chain.

Looking at the picture, anyone can clearly see that letter "D" sprinkles were used on the donut, which is a practice commonly seen with certain varieties sold at Dunkin'.

Aware of that, the owner of the vegan market began a tactful text chain with Savory Fig trying to understand why they looked so similar. They asked the bakery if they could provide a photo of the container from which the sprinkles were shaken, but Savory Fig just sent a photo of some random candied letters -- clearly not the same as the sprinkles used on the offending pastry.

We can only assume, given this recognizable logo design, where these donuts really came from and what other ingredients they might contain.
We have cut all personal and business ties with this person effective immediately.


When you think about what goes into this lie, it really is a head-scratcher. The donuts at Dunkin' certainly aren't cheap. You'd really have to institute a substantial upcharge to see a good profit margin. But beyond the financials and blatant deception, it's also a serious health risk to advertise something as vegan that's really not. You never know what allergies people may suffer from.

Pretty "crummy" move on the part of this Long Island bakery, wouldn't you say?


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