Happy March 14th... National Pi (π) Day! The pi being referenced here is the boring-ass math concept that you use to calculate the bodyfat percentage of a circle, or something like that.

I certainly don't remember it, because I've never had to use it. It has no practical real-world use!!!!!!!

But dessert pies, on the other hand... Count. Me. In. Pretty much all pies are the greatest in the world. It's hard to name a favorite... okay, you got me, it's pecan. But key lime and banana cream and chocolate mousse are pretty great, too.



If you had to guess what New York's favorite pie is overall, I have a feeling you'd say apple. Because that would've been my guess. After all, apples are an important part of New York state's identity. We produce a lot of them, and apple picking is a favorite autumn pastime up here.

But somehow... apple pie is not our favorite pie??

Someone with a lot of free time did that thing with Google Analytics where they were able to determine the most-searched-for pie in each of 50 states. And according to the data, New York's favorite is...


Photo by Fernando Andrade on Unsplash
Photo by Fernando Andrade on Unsplash

Not knocking it -- because I would eat the s**t out of it right now -- I'm just a little surprised. New York stood out as the only state in the nation to choose raspberry, whereas some other states picked the same kind.

What do you think, did New York drop the ball on this?

Check out the full United States of Pi below:

Google Trends
Google Trends

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