Oh, the woes of the rich and famous. A Hollywood actress is asking the common folk to open their wallets to help fund her kid's summer trip to Cooperstown.

...yeeeeaaahhhh, how about, no.


Remember Alyssa Milano? She's probably best known for her roles as Samantha in Who's the Boss? (1984 -1992) and Phoebe in Charmed (1998-2006). All signs point to a very successful 40-year Hollywood career. Oh, and she's also married to David Bugliari, a big-wig at Creative Arts Agency, one of Hollywood's biggest talent agencies.

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While this is not confirmed, one can assume it had something to do with the Cooperstown Dreams Park or Cooperstown All Star Village-- two summer camp baseball retreats that rake in a lot of money for the local economy. Teams that are selected to play in those tournaments typically incur a per-child fee to cover their attendance costs.

By all accounts, you'd assume a Hollywood power couple could afford this out of their own pocket. Did we mention she drives a $200,000 car?


Needless to say, there was an eruption of sarcastic responses to this wealthy actress resorting to crowdfunding for a summer vacation.

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But while Alyssa was firing back with stories of her philanthropy work, her GoFundMe actually surpassed its $10,000 goal. So I guess the fam is going to Cooperstown after all.

At least she has the unwavering support of the internet's One Percent.

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