Daylight saving time is leading to very dangerous driving in New York State.

Daylight saving time has arrived, and the New York State DMV is warning motorists about the risks of drowsy driving.

Dangers Of Drowsy Driving In New York


As part of the "Stay Awake! Stay Alive!" message, the New York State DMV is warning about the dangers of driving tired.

Drowsiness and fatigue have been known to affect a driver's reaction time and judgment which may trigger a crash.

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“Most people don’t realize how dangerous drowsy driving can be, but the truth is it can pose just as much of a risk as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” DMV Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder stated.

Drowsy Driving Is Like Driving Drunk In New York State


Officials report that going 24 hours without sleep has the same impact as driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.10 percent. The legal driving limit is 0.08 percent.

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Nationwide tired driving was the leading factor for over 328,000 crashes. Over 50 percent of those crashes involved drivers 25 or younger, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association.

Nearly 3,000 New York State Drivers Fell Asleep Behind The Wheel


In 2023, there were 2,939 crashes across New York State in which police reported that the “driver fell asleep," according to the New York State DMV.

At least 12 people died from these crashes and over 1,000 people were injured.

Drowsy driving was the lead factor in over 1,230 crashes in New York State last year. This led to one death and nearly 500 injuries.

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Tips To Avoid Drowsy Driving

  • Avoid alcohol before driving
  • Take a break about every two hours
  • Bring a passenger if you're taking a long trip.

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