Finding a great Airbnb in the Hudson Valley is pretty easy. We are fortunate to have so many great homes that are available to rent for a local getaway.

A lot of the places you find throughout Dutchess, Orange, and even Ulster county are one-of-a-kind homes. If you want to save time on travel and spend more time relaxing there are a lot of places to choose from but many aren't as unique as the Tree House in Willow, New York.

Stay in a Modern Day Tree House in the Hudson Valley

This hand-designed home sits on 34 acres just minutes from Woodstock deep in an Ulster County Forest. It shares the property with many houses but you will still feel secluded in this setting. Both the design and the natural landscaping will make you feel like you left New York and head out west to Colorado or Montana.

PC: Airbnb Host Avner and Maskit
PC: Airbnb Host Avner and Maskit
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This Airbnb has large windows that let in natural light but also offer the most amazing views. Sitting on the couch in the main room you have a front-row seat to nature. The kitchen is well-equipped for cooking, the hot tub offers an even deeper way to relax. The Willow Tree House could be the perfect place to reconnect with yourself or even someone else.

Hudson Valley Tree House Perfect for a Weekend Getaway

The Willow New York Tree House

Just outside Woodstock, New York in the Ulster County Hamlet of Willow lies an amazing treasure of a house designed by Antony Gibbon and built by William Johnsson. The Tree House is an unbelievable vision that came to life and now you can book it for a weekend or even a week. Come vacation like a bird in the forest in the Catskills.

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