Well, we are officially into the first week of 2024 and I wonder how you are doing with that resolution to stay fit and active. Many of us started the year with one of the many First Day Hikes.

If you are like me, you may have had the best intention of returning this week to your walking regiment, but work got in the way. You may be planning to do something on the weekend but with the weather getting in the way you might put off your next outing for another week.

How to Keep Your Hiking Resolution in the Hudson Valley

Let me tell you the best way to stay out there hiking in 2024. Sure if you have a lot of willpower you can just head out the front door or drive to your favorite park. But if you are the type of person things get away from, like me, you are going to need a plan.

Hudson Highlands Nature Museum via Facebook winter
Hudson Highlands Nature Museum via Facebook winter

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The best thing you can do to make sure your hiking boots don't collect dust this winter is to find an organized hike to participate in each month. All you need is a good list of local preserves and nature centers and you will be able to build out an entire walking schedule for the year.

Full Wolf Moon Hike Happening in Ulster County

Take the Mohonk Preserve for example they hold hikes and walks year-round. They have one coming up on January 24th, 2024 for all ages. It is their Full Wolf Moon Night Hike. it starts at 4:30 and runs until 6 PM. The Preserve is on 44/55 in Gardiner. Space for this is limited so plan to pre-register.

Mohonk Preserve via Google
Mohonk Preserve via Google

Hopefully, you will find something close to you to make it easy to get out until the warmer weather returns. In the meantime, you can also check the events calendar for the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum, The Ashokan Center, and your local nature group.

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