McDonald's is bringing an international flavor to towns throughout New York.

Whether you're in Buffalo, Poughkeepsie, Albany or Manhattan your McDonald's probably looks pretty much the same. Because we're all used to the same old menu and restaurant design, it's easy to forget that the fast food chain is an international brand with tons of variations across the globe.

Recently, while spending time in Aruba I came across the strangest McDonald's location I've ever seen. A small shack painted in the restaurant's iconic red and yellow colors was sitting in a busy shopping area.

This McDonald's didn't serve burgers or fries. Instead, it was a desserts-only location.

A. Boris
A. Boris

The small window had ice cream, McFlurries, and other sweet treats on sale. I had never seen anything like this in the United States. It turns out that these dessert kiosks are scattered throughout the world in places like Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and Turkey.

McDonald's Bringing Foreign Flavor to New York State

McDonald's has become a part of the culture around the globe and now, the restaurant is bringing a new flavor to its menu inspired by its international popularity.

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McDonald's locations throughout New York State will soon become part of the WcDonald's universe. If you're not an anime fan, you may not be familiar with WcDonald's. The fictitious restaurant chain is a thinly-veiled parody of McDonald's that appears in many Anime films and television shows.


McDonald's is collaborating with some of the most popular anime creators to launch a series of stories, artistic packaging, and a bold new sauce flavor.

WcDonald's Comes to New York State

While anime fans will be excited for weekly animated shorts available through special scannable codes and vibrant packaging designed by famed Japanese manga artist/illustrator Acky Bright, most customers will be most excited to try the new WcDonald's Sauce.

A special flavor will be available for a limited time that can be ordered with "WcNuggets" or on the side with any other menu item. The Savory Chili WcDonald's Sauce is described as "a combination of ginger, garlic and soy with a slight heat from chili flakes." McDonald's says the new flavor mirrors the "bold, dynamic spirit of your favorite anime heroes".


New York McDonald's locations will begin offering the new sauce and other WcDonald's promotional items starting Monday, February 21.

Check Out The McMansion! Most Extraordinary McDonald's in the World Here in NY

The home was built in 1795 for the Denton family on Long Island who is the founder of the town of Hempstead. It was an 18th-century farmhouse. McDonald's bought the property in 1985 with plans of leveling the home and building a fast food restaurant. That's when the residents of the Town of Hempstead stepped in to try and save the historic home according to Atlas Obscura. McDonald's agreed to restore the mansion in exchange for allowing them to build a drive-thru lane. Check out this unique and extraordinary McDonald's that is known as the Denton House McDonald's or the McMansion!

Gallery Credit: Lejaceman-TripAdvisor; Google Maps

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