NOTE: The author of this story has never sampled the Marijuana, the Devil's Lettuce, The Pot, The Mary Jane, the Reefer, The Hash or any other cute name you may have for it. Do not take advice from him. This article is for entertainment purposes only and is obviously the rantings of a madman. Thank you for your time.

April 20th is upon us.

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For some it is practically a holiday. Moreso with the legalization of marijuana, people love to celebrate and have a smoke for 420.

But how can we as New Yorkers fine a way to localize the experience? I have some suggestions that should be taken seriously by no one.


Yes I think if you took an uncooked rigatoni and stuffed it, it may be quite the experience. There is no give to it so you know it will be packed tight. Fill it up and enjoy. Marijuana Riggies. It is going to be a thing.


With so many orchards around, you could go to each one, buy one apple and then turn each one into a bong and then decide with one was the best for conversion. What a feather in the cap it would be for any farm to bill themselves as the "Best Bong For Your Buck."

3.Turkey Joint

Seriously, it's in the name.

4.Saranac Beer Bottle

This may require more work than you are willing to put in, but nothing would scream local pride more.

5.Utica Greens

Sprinkle in some buds and watch Grandma have the best night of her life at your next family get together. It's all natural right?

Again, I can't stress enough how you should not take any of this seriously and most definitely do not try any of this. But I hope you had a giggle on the way to the fridge.

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