You won't believe which city was just named the "drunkest" in New York State.

And, no, it's not New York City, Buffalo, Syracuse or Rochester.

Bottoms Up!


Current data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says one in six Americans, or 19.8 percent of the population, indulges in excessive drinking.

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To determine which city is "drunkest," researchers looked into data about the percentage of heavy or binge drinkers in every state and singled out the metropolitan area with the highest rate.

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You would think New York's biggest cities would have a fighting chance at earning the crown given how densely populated and boozy they are. NYC has a crazy amount of bars, with current estimates saying the number is over 8,000. Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester all also jam packed with bars and liquor stores, as well.

But 24/7 Wall Street says there is a very small city that put all of them to shame.

The Drunkest City Is...

KatieDobies from Getty Images Signature
KatieDobies from Getty Images Signature

This year's big winner is Glens Falls. This city in Warren County is nationally known for its Adirondacks Balloon Festival and other outdoorsy offerings. This city has an abundance of parks, sports fields and other recreational areas designed to get people active.

But it seems that the livers there are also getting a workout.

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It was found 22.3% of those over 18 admit to drinking excessively, which is far above the state average of 17.6 percent. In fact, the Empire State has the 19th lowest level of binge drinkers in the country.

The study also looked into how many fatal accidents involve alcohol in that metropolitan area and determined they made up 19.6 percent of them - which is slightly lower than the state's average of 20.2%, which is the 4th lowest rate in the nation.

Here's their official data below:

Drunkest metro area: Glens Falls
Adults who drink excessively22.3% (Statewide: 17.6% – 19th lowest)
Countywide driving deaths involving alcohol: 19.6% (Statewide: 20.2% – 4th lowest)
Glens Falls population: 126,440

To read more about this study, or learn more about the drunkest cities in every state, click HERE.

A Word from Law Enforcement

With the holidays coming up, it's more important than ever to be vigilant on the road. Drunk drivers killed 190 people on Thanksgiving Day in 2021 and caused more than 13,300 accidents.


Kansas v Oklahoma State
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Police want to remind residents it is never okay to drink and drive - no matter how short the distance may be. If you are under the influence, authorities suggest hailing a ride from an Uber, taxi, or a designated driver.

For those who will be driving during the evening hours, police are warning residents to stay sharp as the number of drunk driving accidents increases at night. Recent data said more than four times as many drivers were involved in fatal crashes during nighttime hours than during the day.

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Signs you may be sharing the road with an impaired driver include erratic driving, inconsistent speeds, tailgating. driving off the road, drifting between lanes and erratic braking. If you suspect someone is driving under the influence, please call police. By saying something, you could be saving a life.

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