Customers were left stunned and disappointed when an email confirmed their beloved gym was forever closing its doors.

Starting next week, the lights at a popular gym along Commercial Drive in Yorkville are going dark.

ABC Fitness Solutions, owner of the Retro Fitness, announced the gym's abrupt closure on Wednesday, May 15.  The franchise first began serving the area in 2014.

WIBX/Townsquare Media
WIBX/Townsquare Media

"We regret to announce that Retro Fitness of Yorkville will be permanently closing Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024," the franchise wrote in an email blast.

Members will still be allowed to use the facility until the slated closure date and they will not be billed for the final month of operation. Unfortunately, the closest Retro Fitness to CNY is in Albany - meaning all members will have to find a new gym to continue their workouts.

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As a Retro member myself, I am extremely bummed to see this gym close its doors for good.

I first joined Retro Fitness in 2013 when I worked up in Pittsfield and it definitely set the bar for chain gym franchises. It was one of the few facilities that actively encouraged gym goers to wipe down the machines and equipment after each use. Not only that, it also offered better lighting and an exciting array of classes for a decent price.

What's Moving into Retro Fitness?

It's been said another gym will soon open up shop at the former Retro Fitness location. The new name and owner have not yet been publicly revealed, but it's been said the person who acquired the building is from the local area.

WIBX/Townsquare Media
WIBX/Townsquare Media

Also, all of Retro Fitness' property will be taken out of the building, meaning the new facility will be installing all new equipment, weight machines, and workout devices.

It is unknown what will happen to the two studios on the grounds, which are built for an array of classes from Spin to Yoga.

Same goes for the smoothie bar.

As a card-holding Retro member, I'll be sure to keep my ears open for any new information about this new facility.

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