Tuition is going up once again across New York colleges and several academic institutions are now asking students to fork over $90,000.

It's well known that it costs the same as a starter home to attend a 4-year college in New York State.

Unfortunately, students hoping to save money by attending a public college won't see much relief either since New York's prices are just as excessive. Making matters worse is a recent study determined New York's student debt is among the highest in the nation.

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According to Bankrate, college tuition in the United States has risen by 153 percent in the last 40 years. When I was applying for colleges in 2006, tuition for one year at Sarah Lawrence College was $36,088 - according to an old CNN Money report.

For the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year, that same college is asking students to fork over $90,920! Thankfully, students can save about $5k by opting out of the Student Health Insurance plan. Either way, students will have to cough up nearly $400k to get their bachelor's degree.

Sarah Lawrence isn't the only New York college that has jacked up tuition past the $90,000 mark. In fact, several of them have passed the point of no return.

Barnard College released its tuition rates for the next academic year and is asking students to pay $90,928.

Colgate University is asking even more, with freshman and sophomore students paing $91,222 to attend school. Those poor juniors and seniors have an even steeper price to pay: $91,934.


That's a bargain compared to these next few colleges. Cornell estimates students will pay $92,150 to attend next year.

New York University is charging even more and estimated the total for direct and indirect costs for one year of school will total $93,184.

Meanwhile, Columbia University has yet to announce their tuition prices for next year - but the total cost of attendance for the 2023-2024 academic year cost students $89,587... so it's likely this institution will also cross over the $90k mark.

For those heading to Vassar, the cost of tuition plus mandatory fees and room and board comes to $89,770 - not counting the cost of the $5,120 off-campus meal plan and the $3,310 needed for health insurance.

Students can save $500 by opting for a room instead of an apartment, by the way.

Student Loan Borrowers Demand President Biden Use Plan B To Cancel Student Debt Immediately
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In the end, college tuition in New York State is pricing out more and more hardworking American families. At the same time, student debt continues to balloon and is now the second-highest debt category in the country, behind mortgages.

This is prompting more voters to call for our government to regulate tuition costs. Schools are justifying these increases by saying they need to pay their workers and meet student demand for more services.

That all said, when do you think we'll see college tuition hit $100k? Let us know by hitting us up on the station app.

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