The man who pleaded guilty to kidnapping a young girl from a park in Upstate New York will be 93-years-old by the time he's eligible for parole.

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Craig N. Ross Jr. was sentenced in court yesterday, April 17, to spend 47 years to live in prison for the heinous act of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl. The judge ordered he serve 25 years to life for the kidnapping charge and 22 years to life for predatory sexual assault of a child.

The terms will be served consecutively.

Ross, 47, had pleaded guilty in February to taking the girl from a campground at Moreau Lake State Park, which launched a massive, 48-hour statewide search.

The girl was found imprisoned in a camper inhabited by Ross.

Victim's Family Confronts Kidnapper

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Ross appeared in court Wednesday and was shackled as he entered the courtroom. During the proceeding, he showed little emotion and declined to speak.

The little girl's family was present at the sentencing and spoke directly to Ross about the pain and suffering he had caused.  WIBX will not identify the family members by name in order to protect the young girl's identity.

Family members called Ross a "monster" and "the most evil human." The victim's uncle asked, "What kind of person wakes up in the morning and decides they’ll steal someone’s kid?"

The victim was not present at the sentencing, but had written a letter to be read by  Saratoga County Assistant District Attorney Jennifer L. Buckle. The little girl reveal she is no longer able to sleep at night, but is pleased her abductor will spend the next 47 years in jail.

Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen said the family is also happy with the sentencing. They are also thankful Ross pleaded guilty, which spared the young girl from having to testify and relive the trauma she endured.

Judge James A. Murphy III also issued an order of protection on the girl's behalf, which barrs Ross from contacting her in person or via mail.

The Abduction

Bowers/Wikimedia Commons
Bowers/Wikimedia Commons

Sena was riding her bike inside the Moreau Lake State Park with friends and decided to take a final lap by herself, but didn't return back to her parents. Upon searching, her bike was found but she could not be located.

Sena's parents then called 9-1-1 and State Police issued an Amber Alert for the 9 year old.

Police began closing in on the suspect when he was observed placing a ransom note in the parents' mailbox. Authorities used the note to match Ross' fingerprints from 1999 DUI case and descended upon his camper.

The child was found inside a cabinet.

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