I bought 3 fairly big bags of compost from the recycling center. It happened innocently enough. I was touring the recycling facility with two of my colleagues. Our tour guide Eileen was telling us about the facilities' epic amounts of gorgeous compost. Then she took us to see it. I nearly fainted.  As a human who has taken soil classes and has "made" my own "living soil" a time or three--it's hard to explain what it's like to walk up on small mountains of living compost (with the worms baked in) and not get giddy.

Envy McKee/Canva
Envy McKee/Canva

There was a time in my life that I would have bought several dozen bags of that compost without flinching. This time, I flinched. If only because, as per a previous post, I do not yet have a garden for which to use said compost. The operative word here is yet. I don't have a garden yet. 

But I can manifest one. And I'm not even being "wuwu" about it.

Envy McKee/Canva
Envy McKee/Canva

What is manifestation?

According to Emily Dyson from Aglow Lifestyle,

Manifestation is the process of creating what you desire. It is a way to bring things into reality or making your wishes come true.


“manifestation is a way that people create change in their lives and the environments around them. It can be as simple as creating an intention and putting energy behind it to make the intention come true”. -Julie Collins

There are some steps to manifesting that can vary depending on who is sharing the insight. Dr. Joe Dispenza is one of my favorites. He's written a bunch of books, but one of his most powerful is called Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon. Essentially, through science, Dispenza explores how anyone can manifest the life of their dreams. Part of the process is to visualize the life you want and live as though you already have it.

In the case of my garden--what would I do if I already had a garden?

I would buy compost. And so that's what I did.

The next step is to get to planting.


Have you ever manifested something seemingly impossible?

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