Are you single in the CNY and don't want to be? If this statement is true, you're in luck because right now, until roughly March is...

--Cuffing Season.

What is Cuffing Season, you ask?

According to good ole Wikipedia, 

Cuffing season is typically defined as the time of year when single people actively search for short-term romantic partners to spend the colder months with, typically from October through March, culminating with Valentine's Day (except that Valentine's Day is the 2nd week of February, but what can I say-- it's good ole Wikipedia reporting). The term "cuff" is slang that alludes to handcuffs and means metaphorically to attach oneself to another individual. Cuffing season usually commences at the start of autumn when the weather starts to become prohibitively cold for outdoor activities. The lack of sunlight, outdoors, and warmth may lead some single people to become lonely and desperate. In addition, being in a relationship in the winter months allows for companionship during holidays. The rise of dating apps like Tinder further contributed to the phenomenon. However, engaging in such a relationship with a superficial basis may lead to emotional drama for some people in the long term.



Somebody un-official suggested that cuffing season started to be officially defined on college campuses.



How Does One Take Part in Cuffing Season Festivities?


Most folk say that there is no formal "application process" to participate in Cuffing Season, but let's be honest, in this day and age of weirdos--having an official application on hand to interview prospective "cuffing partners" could be clutch. Luckily, an customizable Cuffing Season application exists.


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