It’s that time of year when you are not only playing Santa for your loved ones but also taking over the role of Secret Santa for your coworkers. Although partaking in these festivities is fun and enhances the holiday spirit in your workplace, finding great and in-budget gifts for your coworkers, especially those you may not know well, can be challenging. 

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To help start your Secret Santa journey, here are 5 more (of 10) gift ideas, all under $20, that can work together, or stand-alone, in creating a meaningful Secret Santa experience this Christmas season.

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6. Desktop Vaccum Cleaner -  $12

CREDIT: Odistar/Canva

A mini-table vacuum cleaner can be the perfect gift to help elevate your Secret Santa’s work space! Available here - Amazon!

  1. Decision Paperweight  - $16
CREDIT: Canva/Natico
CREDIT: Canva/Natico

For a co-worker, this fun, and practical, decision paperweight might be the perfect addition for their desk! 


  1. A Blind Date with a Book ~ price varies
CREDIT: Canva/Etsy
CREDIT: Canva/Sims and Kids

If you are the Secret Santa to a booklover, a blind date with a book can be a meaningful, fun gift to receive! It can be a book of your choice or through a seller - explore available option’s here - Etsy!



  1. Lottery Christmas Tree ~prices vary 

What’s more exciting than lottery tickets from Secret Santa? Lottery tickets on a Christmas Tree! You can either craft the Lottery Tree yourself or purchase a gift tree holder that can be reused for other decorative purposes! The gift tree holder is available here -  Amazon!



  1. Chocolate


CREDIT: Canva/Lindt
CREDIT: Canva/Lindt

On the safest side, given the gift of good chocolate is a classic Secret Santa move! Whether this is a small add-on to a bigger present or a small-budget exchange, chocolate is a sweet treat to receive! Lindt’s Lindor Holiday Assortment is available here - Target!

Mona Chahfe contributed to this article.

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