If you, like me, missed Beyonce's ICONIC Renaissance tour--mostly because it didn't come Upstate enough for your taste--you're in luck. Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce is coming to the CNY and if the reviews are any testament to just how fabulous the film is--we're all in for a treat.

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"...The film opens with a tribute to the Beyhive, as they prepare to enter the stadium for the spectacle. As they dance outside and rush to their seats, Beyoncé is backstage preparing to step up to the mic. When she does, she beautifully belts “Dangerously in Love” to open the show."

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Beyonce
CREDIT: Courtesy of Beyonce

"As captured in Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé - which the star also wrote, directed and produced - the stage concert is never short on jaw-dropping delights: acrobatic choreography and soaring vocals, designer outfits upon designer outfits, sets that seem to dwarf the very arenas they're in. Above all, there's the sheer pulsing ecstasy of a crowd who feed off their queen's energy and reflect it back to her a thousandfold."

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Beyonce
CREDIT: Courtesy of Beyonce

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“It’s always been about using my art and my influence to really celebrate all of our differences,” she says during a voiceover vignette in “Renassaince: A Film,” her concert movie that weaves a breathless amount of footage from various dates on her record-setting Renaissance World Tour. “My ultimate goal is to create a space where everyone is free and no one is judged, and everyone can be their childlike selves, their sexiest selves. They can all be on that stage. They are the vision. They are the new beginning. That’s what ‘Renaissance’ is about.”

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Beyonce
CREDIT: Courtesy of Beyonce

Technically, Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce is supposed to launch on December 1. But most theatres are showing the film on November 30. Tickets are available at Beyoncefilm.com

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