Trick question: What do 'ranch dressing', 'jam' and 'banana' have in common?

Serious answer: Absolutely, positively nothing. Except, maybe, yuck-- if eaten together and called "dinner"--as in this viral trend that's been happening on Tik Tok called "Girl Dinner".


What is "Girl Dinner" you ask?

According to Global News,

Girl dinner, for those not on TikTok, is a pretty simple concept that involves filling up your plate with a bunch of small snacks to replace a meal. Think bread paired with cheese or oil and vinegar; fresh fruit or crudité; a variety of dips, olives or pickles and cured meat. Basically, it’s a cohesive group of foods that don’t require cooking.


That almost sounds cute right?


Like an unfussy charcuterie board or something. But like most things that go viral these days, it looks like some folx on the interwebs have taken the convenience element of "girl dinner" way too far. It even has a jingle and a filter. That's how you know things have taken a turn for the bizarre. Who is going to eat, let alone get full on a plate of "popcorn, whipped cream and prune juice"?  Or "cold tofu, twizzlers and sour cream."?


Also, "ranch dressing, jam and a banana" is not a recipe. For anyone, anywhere.



CBS reports,

With more than 392 million views (and counting) for the hashtag #girldinner on (TikTok), the trend has sparked more comical takes (or more concerning ones, depending on how seriously you take it) with some users posting videos of just chips or even nothing as their "girl dinner.".


Can "Girl Dinners" Be Made Healthy? Absolutely.


Laura Ligos, a registered dietitian nutritionist, told CBS News that she recommends her clients include the following for their "girl dinners":

  • At least one protein: "Meat, hard boiled eggs, cheese, or if you're feeling fancy, chicken salad or smoked salmon,"
  • Something colorful: "Fruits or veggies are good (sources of fiber)."
  • Something fun: "Options like crackers, olives or pickles"
  • A proper helping: "Make sure it's big enough to keep you full..."

That's more like it.

What would you put together for your "girl dinner"?

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