The Cazenovia College that the central New York region had come to know and love over its nearly 200 years as the heart of the village of Cazenovia,

came to a jolting end in June of 2023.

The fate of the expansive campus which includes some 271 acres--has been in flux since. Much has been pondered about what the campus could be--

For example, Will Phillips of WOUR wrote that if he bought Cazenovia College, he would offer courses like "Advanced Bigfoot Hunting Techniques" and "Pro Wrestling Studies". Ugh.

Will Phillips/Canva
Will Phillips/Canva

Others, like me, suggest courses of study like "Joan of Arc Divine Feminine Equestrian Studies" and "Meditating for Interdimensional Travel".  If only because there should be at least one college/university properly preparing students for a far more "wuwu" world.

Envy McKee/Canva
Envy McKee/Canva

The college formerly known as Cazenovia, was not new to change whilst it was open. It started as a Methodist seminary in 1824, switched things up as a Women's College in the early 1960's and then decided on being a co-ed college with all the bells and whistles in the early 1980's.

But its new chapter, is way much more different than its former iterations.

Enter, The New York State Police. is reporting that:

State police will sign a two-year lease for the buildings on the main college campus and the athletic center, the state and college announced today. The space will be big enough for 275 recruits and 115 instructors, the state said.

The lease begins Aug. 1. The first trooper class is expected to start in October.

According to;

Fewer trainees than students will be on campus at any time, but officials are excited about the State Police’s use of the site in the interim, as long-term planning for a permanent tenant is underway.


My takeaway? There's still time to manifest Starfolk U. Although, an interim police academy is a tough act to follow.

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