Since 2005, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been one of our favorite couples to stan. Both are wildly successful in their own career fields, but nothing compares to their passion for one another.

Despite both of them growing up in Australia, the two did not officially meet until they were both adults chasing their dreams in America. It didn't take long for sparks to fly, however, as the singer and the actress were married just one year later in 2006.

It was January 2005 when the couple first met at a gala in Los Angeles, but it would be a few months before they started dating. The following year, however, things escalated quickly, and Urban and Kidman were engaged in May 2006 and married the following month in Sydney, Australia.

Two years later, the pair welcomed their first child together — a girl named Sunday Rose — and their second daughter, Faith Margaret, arrived in 2010. Kidman has two other children from her previous marriage to Tom Cruise — Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony.

Urban and Kidman have always done things together and supported one another in their careers. It can't be easy juggling two high-profile entertainment jobs that span the globe, let alone a marriage in the public eye. However, it's rare to see either one walking a red carpet alone, be it the CMA Awards or the Oscars, and they are fast approaching two decades of marriage. As Kidman once said, they are committed to "us."

Scroll through below to see the cutest photos of Keith Urban and his wife, Nicole Kidman, and keep scrolling to see inside some of their fabulous homes.

Cute Photos of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman That Capture Their Love

Since their chance meeting in 2005, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been one of the cutest couples in the spotlight. The pair were quick to get married and have kept the fire alive in their marriage for nearly 20 years. Urban and Kidman also share two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

What makes their relationship so special? Their undying support of one another. Despite busy jobs in high-profile industries, the two make time for one another. Which usually results in a cute photo or two.

PICTURES: See Inside Keith Urban + Nicole Kidman's Stunning NYC Condo

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman paid $3.5 million for an approximately 1600-square-foot, two-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom condo in the upper-crust Tribeca area of Manhattan in New York City in 2020. The luxury unit is located inside of the famous clock tower building in Tribeca, which developers acquired for $160 million in 2013. The building previously housed the New York Life Insurance Company, and the developers converted the 400,000-square-foot building into luxury condos in 2018.

Photos at the building's website show a spectacular array of amenities available to residents, including rooftop gardens, an indoor pool, a fully-equipped fitness center, dining areas and more. According to reports, one of the features that attracted Urban and Kidman to the building is a "sky garage" that allows residents' cars to be hydraulically lifted to their units, which lets the high-profile couple avoid the prying eyes of paparazzi.

Gallery Credit: Sterling Whitaker

PICTURES: See Inside Keith Urban + Nicole Kidman's Luxurious Tennessee Farmhouse

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were living it up in their 5,086-square-foot, 4-bedroom farmhouse in Franklin, Tenn., a rural community 30 minutes outside of Nashville. The house is beautifully well-appointed. The master bedroom features a very large walk-in closet, and the gated, 35-acre property also includes a gym, recreation rooms, an office and a three-car garage, as well as a utility barn. The couple sold their rural farmhouse in 2018 for $2.7 million.

Gallery Credit: Sterling Whitaker

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