Dierks Bentley says that expanding his acting resume doesn't fall high on his to-do list right now — but that doesn't mean he wouldn't jump at the right opportunity, like if his collaborator and CMA Fest TV special co-host Lainey Wilson was involved.

"I love Yellowstone," Bentley replied to Taste of Country and other outlets backstage at CMA Fest on Thursday night (June 8), when asked if he'd ever consider taking an onscreen role on a show in the Yellowstone universe.

"If Lainey Wilson wanted to drag me along to the next Yellowstone shoot, let's go. I'm ready," the singer continued with a laugh.

But Bentley says he probably won't be taking on any acting gigs anytime soon, though it's not because he's got anything against the art form, or Los Angeles, where many projects shoot.

"LA's great. I've done a lot of great things up there. The only problem with TV is craft services [catering]. I can't pass that stuff up. I have a really hard time doing TV because I just eat the whole time," he jokes.

In all seriousness, Bentley goes on to say, he primarily turns down television offers because so much of his time is already allotted to music and family.

"I've been offered some -- there's been some interest in doing the reality TV singing shows, and you go out there once a week, and that's easy to do for people that live there. They just walk out the door, like we do here to play a gig. [But commuting to LA from Nashville], it's a lot of work, and I have three kids."

When he's not on tour or in the studio, Bentley is allocating much of his remaining time to dad duty.

"One of them plays travel hockey. I tour the whole country on a whole separate tour other than music: It's called the hockey tour," he quips. "I've already been to Detroit and Miami and Las Vegas. Next year I'll go to Boston. It's a lot of traveling in general."

Beyond that, Bentley says, he's playing to his strengths.

"I can make a music video for three minutes and fake it pretty good. But I have a lot of respect for real actors and what they do, and I'm just happy to know what my strengths and weaknesses are and how much available time I have for outside pursuits," he relates. "I'm already pretty full, pretty full with music and family. I'll continue to be a spectator in the [TV] arena, but nothing against LA. It's a great spot."

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