It seemed like just a normal day for Brit Taylor, until it wasn’t.

“I was just making my coffee and letting my dogs out to use the bathroom and carrying hay and feeding my donkeys, and then it dawned on me,” Taylor tells Taste of Country. “I was going to play the Opry later that very day.”

It was quite the reality check for the country singer-songwriter, who has long dreamed of the day she would make her Grand Ole Opry debut. And on March 22, her dream finally came true. Certainly, it was a day of milestones for Taylor, from the very moment her husband and fellow music maker Adam Chaffins pulled into their designated parking space at the legendary venue.

“I felt like I was on the verge of crying all day, but as soon as I saw that parking sign, I felt like I was going to have a meltdown,” she says with a laugh. “It took everything not to cry. I'm not even like a crier.”

Nevertheless, the tears seemed poised to fall as Taylor made her way through the artist’s entrance and to her dressing room, custom made for artists that are there for their first performance.

“There were quotes on the wall from people's first time standing on the stage, and it just felt surreal,” remembers Taylor, who received congratulatory texts from fellow female powerhouses including Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan. “It just felt very magical and dreamy. It was a dream.”

Indeed, the path from the Kentucky Opry when she was just a kid to the Grand Ole Opry now was celebrated by several people in the crowd that night, including her 84-year-old papa.

“He made the trip from East Kentucky to watch me,” says Taylor. “He has not left Kentucky in probably 40 or 50 years. I could see him from the stage, and he came backstage too. he got the full experience, and he ate it up.

"He was adorable. He was all dressed up in his hat and boots," she says, laughing. "He's the cutest.”

“I am from Kentucky, so that’s kind of a statement song for me and my sound,” Taylor says. “I had to do that one.”

The other song was her song “Rich Little Girls,” a song that Taylor tells her authentic story.  “’Rich Little Girls’ tells my story as to why I got on that stage,” says Taylor, who wore a custom dress designed by up-and-coming Nashville designer Paige Moore and a ring passed down to her by her late grandmother. “I wanted to show people who I was and what I stood for. And I think that both of those songs did that."

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