As you are driving today, you may notice that the flags are flown at half-staff, and they may be for a while.

Governor Kathy Hochul announced that the flags on all state buildings will be flown at half-staff starting Wednesday, Oct. 11. 

It was an emotional press briefing, as Governor Hochul opened up about what’s been going on in Israel and some of the most horrific things that families have been experiencing over there, but also here in the United States – since many people have relatives that have connections to Israel. 

Governor Kathy Hochul Talks About Israel

New York City is home to over 1,600,000 Jewish people, which is double the Jewish population in Miami. That makes us, as Governor Hochul said, the state that has “the largest Jewish population in the world outside of Israel.” 

Governor Hochul told us that Saturday was the deadliest day for Jewish people since the Holocaust after Hamas’ attacks in Israel, killing and kidnapping hundreds.

Many people still remain unaccounted for. 

Governor Hochul delivered a speech at the “New York Stands With Israel” Vigil and Rally for the United Jewish Appeal of Greater New York. You can see that full speech below. 

“I stand here to tell you that New Yorkers will never tolerate evil. Whether it's committed here in our homeland or in Israel, we will never, ever tolerate evil. In such moments of darkness and in cruelty, yes, we are called upon to pray for peace. But justice first,” Kathy Hochul said. “I am committed to doing everything in my power to make sure that this community is supported and protected today and every day." 

Governor Hochul also directed the New York State Police to “increase patrols and outreach and reiterated calls for social media companies to strengthen platform moderation in order to prevent the proliferation of hateful content,” according to the Governor’s official website. 

On Saturday, Governor Hochul advised all New York State landmarks to be illuminated blue and white in solidarity with the State of Israel. And flags will be flown at half-staff on New York State buildings will be flown at half-staff indefinitely starting on Wednesday, October 11 in remembrance of the lives lost as a result of the recent terrorist attacks against the State of Israel.

They will be at half-staff until further notice. 

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