It took 5 months, but the New York New York Department of Environmental Conservation got their man. In a story straight out of CSI, Conservation Officer, Pete Jackson had been investigating a big buck taken out of season in Jefferson County since last December.

The story begins with a call to the DEC from the owner of storage unit facility in the Town of Clayton. The owner found a 10-point buck, field dressed and hidden on their property. Jackson, with the help of Officer Rob Johnson, investigated the scene, determining the buck had been taken with a muzzleloader. Things got a bit easier when they discovered the deer had a possession tag in its ear.

10 Point Buck

The officers interviewed the owner of the tags, who solved the rest of the mystery. The suspect had taken the deer without a hunting license and used her tags. The delay in the arrest came when the suspect was found to be in court-mandated rehab outside of Jefferson County. Once he returned home, he was given tickets for hunting without a license, possessing hunting tags of another, and unlawfully taking big game.
SOURCE: New York Department of Environmental Conservation


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