News that 'Toys R Us' is filing for bankruptcy has many customers wondering if the New Hartford location will be affected.

According to reports from The New York Times, Washington Post and, while Toys R Us is filing for bankruptcy protection the company will NOT be closing any of their 1,600 'Toys R Us' or 'Babies R Us' locations.

In fact the bankruptcy filing is aimed at restructuring the company's more than $5 billion in debt, so they can continue to compete in a toy market that is being taken over by online retailers like Ebay and Amazon.

This doesn't mean that all 'Toys R Us' locations will remain open forever. is reporting that company executives say the 'vast majority' of their stores are still profitable, but they could take a look at downsizing in the coming years.

All reports from 'Toys R Us' say every one of their stores will operate as normal through the busy holiday season.

So it looks like everyone's favorite toy store in Central New York isn't going anywhere, for a while longer at least.


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