Unfortunately, it's a HARD no, according to a new poll from Big 7 Travel. The site's followers voted New York the least friendly state in all of America. Here's their reasoning:

Locals might seem a bit gruff at first (even upstate!), but it’s a melting pot of many cultures and the neighbourhoods in each borough of NYC have a community feel if you manage to stick it out for long enough. Just don’t dawdle on the sidewalk or hold up traffic taking Instagram shots…

Yikes! Well that's not exactly the title you want your state to have. New York followed close behind Arkansas (49), Delaware (48), Massachusetts (47), New Jersey (46) and Washington (45).

Minnesota came out on top as the friendliest state in America, followed by Tennessee (2), South Carolina (3), Texas (4) and Wyoming (5).

Fortunately, I've experienced a lot of friendly people since moving to Central New York in May. What do you think? Is New York really the least friendly state? You can see the full list on Big 7 Travel's website.

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