USA Today released a list of the most searched Super Bowl recipes by state, and chili was the top search for a large portion of the States. Is it yours?

Chili was the number one searched recipe for New York State as well as both Super Bowl teams' states(Pennsylvania and Massachusetts). And that isn't all.

Six other states also searched for chili recipes more than any other snack for the Super Bowl.

Some funny notes about the results:

Pennsylvania's top search was chili when you'd think it would be cheesesteak. Nope that was Ohio's top search!

New Yorkers didn't search for wings or wing sauce recipes, but Maine, Connecticut and Colorado did.

Kentucky searched for fondue recipes. Strange.

North Dakota searched for a pizza sauce recipe. they could just have real pizza shipped to them from Utica!

Mississippi had the weirdest search: green beans with beef broth. Whaaat?

The best searched recipe might be from Montana. I need to try Bacon Shrimp.

Take a look at the rest of the searches for Super Bowl snacks at, or just use one of my easy Super Bowl recipes and be the MVP of your party!


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