We all could use a laugh right now, and the Internet certainly has our back. In light of the coronavirus outbreak, some people have posted photos of their new drink of choice: the Quarantini!

Twitter user Marilyn Starkloff posted a photo of hers, which is just made from a packet of the Super Orange Emergen-C dietary supplement and a good dose of gin. Emergen-C was not having it though. They replied back to her as her tweet went viral, writing "We do not recommend taking any of our products with alcohol."

Looking at a package of the vitamin C supplement, there's nowhere that specifically states to not use it with alcohol, but the company is probably just trying to avoid any lawsuits that could come from a viral challenge involving its products.

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If anything, we got a good laugh out of Marilyn's tweet, and at a time like this, I'll take any laugh I can get.

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