Mental health is one of the biggest issues facing our nation and in most cases it's a significant issue for our men and women who return home from war. David Fletcher is a 55-year-old Army veteran who served in the first Gulf War. David has fallen on some hard times and is now faced with an ankle injury leaving him unable to work or pay for most of his bills. Hopefully the community can come to his assistance.

David is not one to usually ask for help, but he has been left with no other choice. Earlier this month he fell leaving his apartment building landing on his ankle and fracturing his fibula. Now he is not able to perform any "light-duty" tasks at his job and can't afford to live off disability. With medical bills, a 10-year-old truck payment, and rent he has become overwhelmed. He only asks for what you can spare so that he may stay on his feet for the next month or two.

You can read David's full story and make a contribution to him by visiting his GoFundMe page. Let's do what we can to help this man who put his life on the line to protect our nation and our freedoms.

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