Denise Brigham Baker is a mother of three boys. One of the three is already a United States Marine and the other is in the Army. She has one more boy approaching his last few days of basic training at Paris Island to become a Marine. She is asking the community for help to keep a tradition of hers alive and bright.

Denise tells Big Frog 104,

I have asked all my friends and family as I have 2 previous times with his 2 brothers before him to light a candle or leave on the porch light as he begins his 54 hour final to become a United States Marine.

When asked how she does it being the mom of three boys who have all chosen this path, she simply says, "I don't have a choice." Her sons have chosen to answer the call to serve that country and she has nothing but support for them. When each of her boys have left for basic training to begin their careers in the military, she has left her porch light on so they will hopefully always be able to fine their way safely home. She hopes you will do the same. With this simple act you are doing so much. Denise hopes you will leave your lights on for her son Brett on Thursday, February 25th, 2016. She also says one of the things Brett misses most while at boot camp is country music.

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