A new legislative proposal may make it illegal for you to get your cat declawed in the state of New York.

Earlier this week, several veterinarians headed to the state capitol to support this ban and argue their cause. According to New York Upstate,

They say the declawing procedure, which involves cutting through bone, tendon and nerves to amputate the first segment of a cat's toes, is unnecessary and cruel.

Other vets however, don't support this ban. Some believe it's fine to have a cat declawed and it will actually help save more cats' lives. If a cat seems destructive because it likes to claw furniture or such around the house, the cat could be removed from the house and in the end, be euthanized because no one wanted it. All because it couldn't be declawed.

This legislation has caused a major debate between the veterinary community. Some support the legislation because they believe it's an inhumane thing to do to an animal. Others believe it should be left to the owners of the cat - And the government should not step in.

New York Upstate also mentions,

The bill is before both the Senate and Assembly, but no vote has been scheduled.

What do you think? Is it cruel to have a cat declawed, or do you think it should up to the owners, and it's a decision that shouldn't be made by the government?
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