By today's standards, I suppose the Playstation 3 is probably old school. That makes you feel old growing up in the days of "Pong." The PS3 hit the market about 12 years ago and if you have one of the originals, it could be worth $65.

According to PC Magazine, the money is part of a class action lawsuit settled in 2016. The suit was brought when Sony redesigned the "phat" version of their unit for a slimmer model. The makeover also included changing part of the software from the original version because of security flaws. Here are whats needed to collect the $65:

  • Your unit has to be the original "Phat" PS 3 models, in 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, or 80GB versions.
  • A PSN username.
  • The PS3 serial number from your unit.

Two more things to keep mind, you must state that you purchased the PS3 from a retailer and that you knew and where affected by the software change. Before submitting a claim, it would be a great idea to read the official instructions. There is an online form to complete for claim submission.  Deadline is April 15th.



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