If you golf, for the love of GOD know golf etiquette. It makes it more enjoyable for everyone on the course. The USGA rules state: "The overriding principle is that consideration should be shown to others on the course at all times."

So fix your divots in the fairway and on the green. No one wants to hit out of your gopher hole or putt through the crater you created.

Rake sand traps before moving on. Again, who wants to hit from your foot print? Being in a sand trap is bad enough. Don't make it worse.

Don't walk in another players line on the green. If your ball is in the way, offer to mark it so they don't have to try and putt around you.

Yelling or throwing clubs isn't acceptable on the golf course. I'm still working on this one. I haven't thrown a club in awhile but the yelling is a work in progress. Although cursing after a bad hole can be therapeutic, just not screaming it at the top of your lungs.

Be quiet when someone else is hitting. Another tough one for me. Since I'm a talker, it's hard to stay quiet that long. Especially if you're Sergio Garcia and take 6 practice swings before hitting.

Yell 'Fore' if you hit an errant shot. No one wants to end a round with a trip to the E.R after getting hit by a golf ball.

Be ready to hit your shot. If you're playing in a group of 4, there's no need for all 4 players to go to one shot and then all 4 players go to the next one. Everyone should go to their own ball to be ready to hit when it's their turn.

Finally the most important golf etiquette to know. LET FASTER PLAYERS THROUGH! I came up with a poem to remember this important rule:

"If the group behind is faster than you, be so kind as to let them through."

I thought that was a lot nicer than Get the F*&$ Out of the WAY!


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