A new study shows that despite warnings, many people still use easy-to-hack passwords in many of their Internet accounts.

According to IFLScience.com people generally re-use or modify the same passwords across the majority of their accounts, and most of these easy-to-guess passwords come from one of four distinct methods.

'Keyboard walking'

This is where you just 'walk' your fingers across the keys resulting in complicated loking passwords that are actually easy to hack. Here' the top ten most used 'keyboard walking passwords:'

1. 1q2w3e4r
2. 1qaz2wsx
3. 1qazxsw2
4. zaq12wsx
5. !qaz2wsx
6. 1qaz@wsx1q2w3e4r
7. 1qaz2wsx
8. 1qazxsw2
9. zaq12wsx
10. !qaz2wsx

'Pop Culture' passwords

Most use this type because they're easy to remember. Problem is they are easy to guess too. Here's the 10 most frequently used pop culture passwords:

1. superman
2. pokemon
3. slipknot
4. starwars
5. metallica
6. nirvana
7. blink182
8. spiderman
9. greenday
10. rockstar

'Love/Hate related' passwords

AKA "I'm so mad about creating passwords I'm going to choose a swear" type passwords. WARNING SOME OF THESE ARE NSFW: 

1. iloveyou
2. fuckyou
3. asshole
4. fuckoff
5. iloveme
6. trustno1
7. beautiful
8. ihateyou
9. bullshit
10. lovelove

'Brand-related' passwords

Finally, these could leave you the most vulnerable because they are super easy to hack. In fact two of the passwords on this list experienced a major hack in 2016:

1. myspace *experienced a major hack in 2016
2. mustang
3. linkedin *experienced a major hack in 2016
4. ferrari
5. playboy
6. mercedes
7. cocacola
8. snickers
9. corvette
10. skittles

There you go. Take a close look at this list and make sure none of your passwords are either on the list or are from one of the four methods on this list. If so, please for your own sake change them now.

It's always a good idea to change your passwords(especially for your financial information) regularly.



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