Doh! If you're going to hunt illegally in New York you probably shouldn't post about it on social media.

In the words of Ron White, "You can't fix stupid."

A hunter was caught shooting a deer without a license all because he posted a picture of himself and the deer on social media.

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A tip came into the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation about a hunter who illegally took a seven-point buck in the town of Wright, Schoharie County.

An Environmental Conservation Officer began an investigation by running the hunter's name through the DEC licensing system before reviewing social media posts.

The Officer discovered the hunter purchased a New York State hunting license on October 7. However, a video of a bloody arrow was posted on social media the day before followed by a picture of himself and the deer.

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The hunter admitted to shooting the deer prior to purchasing his hunting license.

He purchased his license the next day to tag the deer.

Two tickets were issued, one for hunting without a license and one for taking deer illegally.

The Environmental Conservation Officer seized the antlers and venison as evidence.

More Hunters Caught on Social Media

This isn't the first hunter to be caught for hunting illegally because of stupidity.

A hunter was accused of killing a mama bear while eating out of a neighborhood dumpster with its cubs. He was caught after several pictures of the hunter, two friends, the bear, and the shotgun were posted on social media.

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Another hunter who shot two deer within 30 minutes of each other was caught after his wife shared his illegal accomplishment on social media.

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New York hunters are limited to one tag per day for antlered deer during the hunting season.

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